Web Filtering for Education

Granular Malware and content protection for
schools and non-profit organizations.

Web Filter for Schools features

school and home schooling

Back to School and Home Schooling

router and devices

For any router and device

student protection

Protection for Minors

malware protection

Malware protection

price models

Amazing Industry Pricing

network integration

Network Integration

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What benefits does VeeShield’s Web filtering for Schools and Universities have to offer to your business?

student protection

Student Protection

VeeShield supports classic features for content control & malware blocking. “Super easy” to control, change & report.

school and home schooling

Home Schooling

ClientShield runs on student devices to enforce content and malware setting under network admin control.

Student Devices

Student Devices at School (BYOD)

Students arriving at school with devices are controlled by the Client-Shield app on the school network.

Router Based Control

Optional Router Based Control

In some scenarios (universities) students may resist installing Client Shield. Internet control of content and malware can be applied in the WiFi router.



Set protection policies once – automatically apply to all education locations (eg home, school, university campus, café)

malware protection

Malware Protection

Malware detection is made by artificial intelligence machines scanning millions of web sites every day and thousands of honey pots.

Content Categorization

High Quality Content Categorization

More than 110 million web sites are categorized, and new sites continually added across 85 categories to let you automate practices in education settings: • Remove inappropriate content • Restrict access to certain content (eg social media) • Prevent OS updates which congest networks

extra stuff

Extra Stuff in the Package

More sensitive users (eg finance, legal dept) can select more sensitive ‘heuristic’ malware protection. Scams sites and phishing sites are blocked. Optional Active Directory integration. No expensive or special hardware to buy.