Amazing Features

The features that make
VeeShield unique.


DNS Based Filtering

DNS Filtering explained without making things too complicated. Here we introduce this feature to help you make the right decision about using DNS filtering Technology.

Usage Report

Explore the feature that allows end-users to view and report upon only their own data, but allows service providers to see across many end-users, and view additional info.

Content Filtering

We use the Internet for everything these days. Working, learning, streaming music/movies, shopping, etc. Dive in to discover the feature and importance of staying safe while online and filtering out dangerous content.

URL Filtering

Here we explain how VeeShield products employ the use of various technologies to provide URL Filtering for internet users.

Malware protection

Malware attack is a universal problem these days. In this section, we will explain the security features of VeeShield and our recommended best practices.

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