Malware Protection

High-quality malware protection to defend against
internet-based threats.

Malware is a universal problem and malware protection is a highly specialised technical domain. In this section we will explain the approach taken by VeeShield, security capabilities and our recommended best practices.

Users are getting around security

Why do people disable security protections?

“42% of personal computers were vulnerable to malware”

VeeShield and/or Anti-Virus package?

We strongly advocate the use of multiple levels of security. We recommend both.  However, VeeShield malware protection has a significant advantage over AV packages because users can’t disable VeeShield. VeeShield also dynamically updates your security and VeeShield malware protection also helps secure printer, web cams, network attached disks, gaming machines and all sorts of other IOT devices where you can’t install an AV package.

What Malware Protection does VeeShield offer?

The list below shows major types of malware blocked at the time of publishing; however, it’s not an exhaustive list: