Web Filtering for Corporations

Malware and content filtering
designed for all sizes of business.

Corporate web filtering features

Home and Office workers

Office/Work from Home

router and devices

Designed for Every Router and Device

Multi-tenant application


Multi-tenant application

malware protection

Malware protection

Use the internet safely, and keep all your personal & financial information protected from phishing and malware.

time wasting

Stop Time Wasting

price models

Amazing Industry Pricing

Industry-leading pricing.

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benefits of Using Veeshield’s Corporate Web Filtering for your Business

Wherever you are

Anywhere you Go

Surfing from home or in the office? Our VeeShield endpoint (Client-Shield downloadable application) and network-based protection (Pro or Pro+) provide the internet protection you need.


Manage Operations

Enjoy Multi-tenant service experience and full reporting features with up to 6 months of historic data, and real-time analysis, all managed by a Single administration process across office & remote working users.

Legal and Regulatory

Regulations and Legal

On request, you can have illegal content and black lists specific to your region restricted by VeeShield. This keeps network admins and business owners protected from criminal prosecutions. Also, personal privacy standards compliance like GDPR is integrated within VeeShield. Enquire about your specific local needs.

Threat Protection

Real-Time Professional Threat Protection

VeeShield uses artificial intelligence machines scanning millions of web sites daily for Malware detection, and thousands of honey pots . Malware, phishing, and scam sites are mitigated in real-time. Other features allow more sensitive users and departments (e.g., finance, legal dept) to select more sensitive ‘heuristic’ protection.

improve productivity

Increased Productivity at the Workplace

Take control of work practices by removing distractions (e.g. gambling, adult, dating)using granular control. Use selective access feature to certain content (e.g. social media etc.) Employ the use of time schedule access (e.g access permit during lunch breaks).

network integration

High Availability and Seamless Integration

VeeShield’s use of Anycast networks and redundancy ensure you stay connected. Also, Veeshield products support a wide range of network deployments, including CGNAT, DNS over VPN, and hybrid models.