ISP web filtering & WISP

Add a malware and content filter
to your managed services.

Our ISP web filtering & WISP solution features

filtering for Home

Residential Subscriber



zero latency

Zero Latency

Corporate web filtering

Corporate Subscribers

network integration

Network Integration

super support

Professional support

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What benefits does VeeShield’sSP web filtering & WISP solution have to offer to your business?

ISP web filtering & WISP solutions need special requirements for filtering the internet.
This is what we focus on.

bandwidth stealing malware

Malware is Stealing ISP Bandwidth

When ISPs don’t filter malware, expect to find you are losing 6-15% of bandwidth to malware. Sometimes much more. Malware increases latency and forces equipment upgrades.

Malware Removal

Malware Removal

VeeShield LITE is a low cost ISP filter. It’s very efficient in removing malware. AI machines scan millions of web sites every day located within a global network of honey pots.

Home and Office workers


As part of LITE, ISPs can define 3-5 content filtering packages, usually provisionable with no subscriber configuration.

Malware increases ISP support calls

Malware increases ISP support calls

If you don’t filter malware, then expect to get more support calls from subscribers experiencing problems caused by malware

zero latency2

Low Latency

ISPs have the option for CloudBOX, an on-premise DNS Cache. Network Integration We support a range of network Deployment models including CGNAT, DNS over VPN and hybrid models

Value-add services

B2B ISP Value-add services

If you are an ISP focusing on business customers you can deploy all Pro+ capabilities including: • Granular filtering • Active Directory Integration • Home/Office Protection with Client Shield