Url Filtering with
VeeShield Technology

VeeShield supports a wide range
of new and emerging DNS technologies.

Here we review the many supported technologies within the VeeShield service by which you can Url filtering the internet



The VeeShield cloud is designed with a large number of connection points around the world. Each connection point uses redundant hardware. I the event a connection point lost then DNS ANYCASTING is used to automatically transfer traffic to an alternative cloud connection location without any service interruption.



Content Delivery Networks preferences are supported by VeeShield. ISPs and MSP can rely on VeeShield to preserve the “best” CDN access using our CloudBOX technology. VeeShield also has the intelligence to suggest “appropriate” CDN blocking during the content blocking set up process eg when blocking facebook then VeeShield suggests to block the Facebook CDN.

data privacy

Data Privacy

There are many new and emerging standards for data privacy in more that 100 countries. Leading standards include GDPR (EU, Nigeria), CCPA (US), SHIELD (US), PIPEDA (Canada) LGPD (Brazil), IPDP (India), NZPB (New Zealand), CPBI (Chile), CSL(China), TPA (Australia), POPI (South Africa) etc. VeeShield is natively compliant to GDPR and many others. Please contact us for latest information.



Secure http is very widely used and fully supported by VeeShield. VeeShield is able to support this technology using our own native Security Certificates. This is an important VeeShield feature as it allows content blocking without the creation of a confusing “Error 404 message”. VeeShield keeps you in control.


DNS over HTTPS (DoH)

DoH is an important encryption standard which is computationally intensive and threatens to slow cloud performance when not handled appropriately. VeeShield uses state-of-the-art DoH processing technology to efficient support this.

regulatory blacklist

Regulatory Blacklist

Many governments hold service providers accountable to remove certain types of content categories entirely (eg gambling), specific web sites and sometimes IP addresses. VeeShield support many regulatory blacklists. Please contact VeeShield for the latest information.

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dnssec validation

DNSSEC Validation

DNSSEC validation is the technique to support DNSSEC authentication services with the VeeShield cache. Please contact VeeShield directly to ask about how to enable this.

domain filtering

Domain Filtering

VeeShield can filter any domain. Domains can also be white-listed or blacklisted. VeeShield supports a very large data base of internet domains that are categorized according to their content type.

encrypted dns

Encrypted DNS

See DNS over HTTPS and DNS over TLS.

IPv4 and IPv6

IPv4 and IPv6

VeeShield supports both IPv4 and IPv6.

Url filtering

Url Filtering

See Domain Filtering and also Page Filtering.



See Data Privacy.

dns over tls

DNS over TLS (DoT)

DoT is another important encryption standard which is fully supported by VeeShield.



This technology is supported by VeeShield and is important in many ISP/MSP scenarios. Please contact VeeShield about deployment.

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latency measurament

Latency measurament

You can easily measure your latency from within your VeeShield dashboard. Latency can also be improved by deploying VeeShield CloudBOX to provide an on-premise latency trending towards 0ms.

end-user application

End-User Application

End Point (ie devices) can be secured by VeeShield by directly downloading the VeeShield ClientShield application. See the ClientShield data sheet for details.

on-premise dns

On-premise DNS

VeeShield supports on-premise filtering using its CloudBOX technology. This allows latency to trend towards 0ms.


Geo Blocking

VeeShield supports the possibility to block access dependent on the registered country of a specific website.

page filtering

Page Filtering

VeeShield supports the ability to filter at a page level when “safe search” settings are enabled. This feature uses page level categorization implemented Google and Microsoft. Safe Search is a specific type of filtering to remove content which is generally regarded as offensive or unsuitable for children.

private ip

Private IP

See NAT above.