MSP web filtering

Make Malware and Content Filter
a part of your managed services.

Our MSP web filtering solution features

Home and Office workers

Home/Office workers

setup in minutes

Easy setup

zero latency

Zero Latency

malware protection

Malware Blocking

time wasting

Cut off time wasters

super support

24/7 Support

What benefits does VeeShield’s MSP web filtering solution have to offer to your business?


Threat Protection

To mitigate malware, phishing and scam sites, dangerous content is detected using AI machines that scan millions of websites every day and honey pots. Extra sensitive 'heuristics' can be selected for more sensitive users such as finance and legal departments.

improve productivity

Increase Productivity with workers

Take control of work practices by removing distractions (e.g. gambling, adult, dating)using granular control. Use selective access feature to certain content (e.g. social media etc.) Employ the use of time schedule access (e.g access permit during lunch breaks).

zero latency2

Almost Zero Latency

VeeShield CloudBOX features allow you to resolve internet queries in your data center or even at the end-user site.

network integration

Network Integration

Veeshield products support a range of network deployments, including models such as CGNAT, DNS over VPN and hybrid models.

device protection

Device Targeted Protection

Download the client application for Windows, Android, iOS and MAC devices to set device-specific protection and filters.

High Availability

High Availability

Anycast networks and redundancy ensure you stay connected.

active directory

Active Directory Integration

Granular Active directory integration.

Legal and Regulatory

Regulations and Legal

Veeshield ensures Compliance with personal Privacy standards such as the GDPR.

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